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DENOX Units for Power Plants

DeNOx Units for Power Plants

SCR - Process (Selective Catalytic Reduction)

The Selective Catalytic Reduction, SCR, is a method of catalytic flue gas treatment for reducing nitrogen oxides.

Injecting a reducing agent (NH4OH = NH3 + H2O) into the flue gas and passing the flue gas through the catalyst; the nitrogen oxides are converted into the environmentally neutral products nitrogen and water vapor.

The integration of a SCR-plant depends on different parameters:

  • Available space
  • Temperature range and distribution of the flue gas
  • Composition of the flue gas
  • Required NOx - removal rate

Range of applications:

  • Black-coal-fired power stations
  • Oil- or gas fired power stations
  • Refineries
  • Biofuel plants
  • Waste-to-energy plants
    ◦  Household and secondary waste
    ◦  Industrial and hazardous waste
    ◦  Refuse derived fuel (RDF)
  • Cement industry

High-Dust Configuration


  • No heating of flue gas necessary
  • Short flue gas ducts
  • Simple arrangements
  • Easy retrofitting of existing plants

Low - Dust (Tail - End) Configuration


  • Low dust concentrations
  • Catalyst poison such as heavy metals largely removed before release
  • Smaller catalyst pitch
  • Smaller catalyst volume
  • Longer catalyst lifetime
  • Compact design


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