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Flue Gas Cleaning for Incineration and Production Processes

Flue Gas Cleaning for Incineration and Production Processes

In the field of flue gas treatment systems for waste-to-energy plants and other incineration and production processes, we offer a wide range of flue gas cleaning systems with the following main characteristics:

  • High pollutant removal efficiency for very high inlet concentrations
  • Efficient pollutant reduction with regard to residue amount and therefore disposal costs
  • Design concepts optimized for quality and operational costs

The most relevant methods:

  • Spray absorption process
  • Spray drying
  • Wet scrubbing
  • SCR technology
  • Conditioned dry absorption
  • Combined process e.g. SDA + wet scrubber + SCR

Possible Applications:

  • Waste-to-energy plants for household waste, hazardous waste and surrogate fuel
  • Biomass-fueled heat recovery plants
  • Production processes for the chemical industry, cement industry

Combined Processes
A combined process, i.e. a combination of a spray drying system and a wet scrubber, is a proven process that has been implemented many times.

  • High removal rate at low stochiometry utilizing a scrubber
  • Dry residue product through evaporation of the resulting scrubber liquid in the spray dryer
  • Reduced amount of residue operation at low stochiometry
  • Pre-separation of acidic components in the spray dryer is possible, if necessary
  • Use of limestone as a cost-efficient reagent possible


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