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Double-Loop Absorber

Double-Loop Absorbers

Our predecessor company Noell-KRC Energy and Environmental Technology started implementing the wet scrubbing process based on the double-loop scrubber method in power plants with a total of 19,000 MW in the years from 1981-2001.
In total, approx. 50 absorbers were installed, a part of them stainless steel, lined with rubber or glass fibre reinforced plastic (FRP). Still today, these absorbers are a leading technology for SO2 removal and energy consumption and meet the CCS-ready requirements.
Having been able to take over important experts from Noell-KRC Energy and Environmental Technology, Babcock Noell possesses the full expertise in terms of process engineering as well as of proven plant technology.


  • Suitable for very high SO2 raw gas values (> 7,000 mg/m3 SO2 - inflow)
  • Very high SO2 - removal; raw gas value < 30 mg/Nm3 SO2 (CCS ready)
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Great gypsum quality; marketable product
  • Use of low-grade and coarse limestone possible
  • Excellent flow distribution
  • Combinable with tray technology
  • Operation experience with all standard absorption materials such as CaCO3 and Ca(OH)2