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Tray Absorbers

Tray Absorbers

During the past 25 years, the highly efficient tray absorber method has been applied successfully for more than 100,000 MW of installed power plant capacity (120 absorbers).

The tray consists of a specially designed perforated sheet that is located directly above the flue gas inlet.

For even suspension distribution, appropriate baffle plates are integrated.

Combined with the flue gas, the sprays suspension creates a layer of bubbles on the tray, which significantly improves material exchange.




  • Even gas distribution across the the absorber cross-section directly after flue gas inlet, also with partial loads
  • Longer retention of suspension in the absorption zone facilitating a higher SO2 load
  • Significantly improved dust and SO3 precipitation in the absorber
  • Lower energy consumption of the absorber system
  • Fewer / smaller circulation pumps and / or fewer spraying levels required
  • Very high SO2 removal possible (CCS ready)
  • Economization in pipework, foundations and control technology
  • Less wear and maintenance, due to e.g. a smaller number of pumps