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The use of Computational Fluid Dynamics, CFD simulations has proven successful as technical standard for process engineering in the field of flue gas cleaning as well as the whole power plant. CFD simulations are globally established and qualified.

CFD represents the notion to optimize fluid flow patters in existing plants and to design components and new plants such that gas and fluid flow through the plants is ideal. In some power plant areas it this is essential, e.g. in terms of the correct firing in the vessel, or subsequently in terms of raw gas cleaning by means of SCR technology, fabric filters, electrostatic precipitators, and flue gas desulfurization system (FGD).
Performing sustainable CFD simulations requires a high degree of technical know how. Babcock Noell GmbH possesses long-term experience in CFD simulations for a wide range of applications. CFD simulation results are continuously validated with values from reference plants.

The advantages of a virtual calculation are not only cost savings compared to physical models, but also the fast availability of results and a signficantly higher flexibility in terms of calculation with varying margin parameters.
We perform the following CFD calculations:

  • Multiple-phase flow e.g. 2-phase flow (flue gas / reagent) in wet scrubbers
  • Flow optimization with regard to reducing pressure loss in duct systems
  • Chemical reactions e.g. incineration processes, prognosis of NOx pollutants
  • Identification of temperature fields in fluids and solids
  • Atmospheric pollutant dispersion modeling

Our range of services does not only cover calculations for nuclear and fossil fuel power plants; we also offer e.g. accident computation for tunnel fires, optimization of building climatization, and calculation of wind loads affecting new buildings. We always gladly welcome the chance to take on computational challenges from other fields of technology.


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